The Best Blades To Cut Your Concrete

Choosing the best blade for cutting concrete is not as simple as you think. You need to do a little thinking before you choose your blade. Before we give you a few recommendations, let’s cover a few of those critical questions.

Dry Or Wet Cutting

You have the option of cutting concrete with a dry blade or using water to keep the blade cool. There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods. Wet cutting reduces dust and allows you to cut longer without stopping. Wet cutting makes a mess a different way. You will have a slurry of water and concrete to clean up. Dry cutting removes the water mess, but you will have dust everywhere. You will be coated in concrete dust. The surrounding area will be white with dust. Neither way is necessarily better, it just depends on your needs. Choose a blade designed to work for your type of cut.

Green or Hardened Concrete

You can choose to cut concrete at two different times. You can do your cuts a couple of hours after pouring. This makes cutting a little easier but is more abrasive on your blades. Cutting the concrete after it is fully set, anytime longer than 24 hours, will create more dust, but is easier on the blades. Decorative concrete makers prefer cutting while green to reduce cracking. Again, this can make a difference in blade choices.

Bond Strength

One of the biggest differences in blades is their bond strength. This affects how quickly new diamonds are exposed on the concrete cutting blade. You select a blade with a stronger bond strength for softer concrete, so you fully utilize the diamonds before the next layers are exposed. Conversely, you choose lower bond strength when cutting harder concrete, so new diamonds are exposed quickly enough to keep your cutting efficient.

A Few Top Rated Concrete Cutting Blades

You are not going to be shocked by the names in our list. Dremel, Dewalt, and Makita produce some of the finest blades available and always receive top reviews for their performance. Here are a few of our favorites:

Dewalt DW4725 – 4 ½” High-Performance Blade – This is a continuous edge blade which makes tremendously smooth cuts in both tiles and hard concrete. This blade is incredibly inexpensive at less than $15 per blade.

Makita A-95831 – 9” General Purpose Diamond Cutting Blade – If you are not sure which blade to get, this is a great all-purpose blade. The segmented design allows the blade to stay cooler, allowing you to keep cutting longer. The segments are laser welded to the main plate to eliminate breakage. The blade can be used for both wet and dry cutting.

Dremel SM540 – 3” Tile Cutting Blade – This tiny 3” continuous blade is perfect for cutting decorative concrete where you need a little more finesse. It is versatile enough to cut concrete, tile, and wood with ease.

Whirlwind USA LHS-6 – 6” Wet and Dry Segmented Concrete Blade – We had to sneak in one blade from a company who doesn’t get enough credit. Whirlwind USA produces incredible concrete cutting blades. The blade is built with 11” cutting segments giving you plenty of cooling and cleaning slots. The blade is very versatile and can be used for a variety of grades of concrete, bricks, and pavers.

These few blade choices are only to help you start thinking. You need to think carefully about what type of cuts you will be making in your concrete and choose the right blade for the job.

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